Woman stressed about crisis pregnancy or possibility of being pregnant. Wants abortion. Needs pregnancy test.

Welcome to Pregnancy Services.

Thinking about abortion?
Scared or alone?
Facing decisions you never thought you'd make? 

You have options for this pregnancy.

We recognize what a difficult time this can be. You have a life changing decision to make. No matter where you are now or what you are contemplating, you can find a safe place to explore your options here.


Our mission is to assure the women of our community that they are not alone in any circumstance. We welcome all those facing unplanned or difficult pregnancies. With compassionate care and honest, clear answers, you can make an informed choice.

Our services are strictly confidential.


Our goal is to make a positive difference in a woman's reproductive health throughout her life. 

We offer free services.

  • free pregnancy testing with immediate results

  • options counseling to learn more about your choices, including abortion, adoption, and parenting.

  • walk in or by appointment

We encourage all women to educate and empower themselves.​ 
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For a woman with support at home or none at all, we provide free pregnancy testing and other services. We are here to help you make the decision that's best for you.
If a woman is in a loving relationship or feels alone, free pregnancy tests and confidential services are available to help if she thinks she might be pregnant.